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Learn more about how we power Ontario with a reliable source of low-cost, clean electricity. The App also features an interactive electricity bill calculator where you can understand where your power comes from, along with the cost and air quality impacts from various energy sources.


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Absolutely Free

A wealth of information about the world's largest nuclear operating facility available at your fingertips without spending a dime.

Real-time Updates

Find out how where your power is coming from in real time and see who's keeping the air clean for Ontario.

Stay Connected

Follow our live news and twitter feeds to see the role Bruce Power plays in the province as it happens.

How we keep the lights on 24/7/365

The Bruce Power App provides real time information on the amount of electricity being produced from Bruce Power nuclear, while providing live news and twitter feeds. We also feature how electricity is safely generated on our site all-day, everyday for the people of Ontario.

Keeping prices low and protecting the air we breathe

We know there are two primary issues of importance to Ontario energy consumers – how much does my electricity cost and how can we protect the environment? This feature allows users to input their monthly electricity use and see first hand where their electricity comes from, the average percentage cost impact from each source and the amount of CO2 produced. Users can also change the source of their electricity to see the impact on both cost and CO2 emissions.

Bruce Power Video Feeds

The Bruce Power App features a number of videos portraying everything from the historic revitalization of the Bruce Power site to how nuclear power is generated. We also feature a number of videos on our role in the province including everything from our economic impact on the province, to meeting electricity demand, keeping prices low for our families and business and supporting the phase-out of coal.

Nuclear Up. Coal Down.

Since 2001, Bruce Power has doubled the number of its operating units, contributing significantly to Ontario’s agenda to phase out coal. In fact, a revitalized Bruce Power Site will provide 70% of the additional energy required to achieve this. More electricity from Bruce Power nuclear means less electricity from coal, cleaner air and healthier communities.

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